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Butterflies in the Hamptons

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Tiina Laakkonen, a former model and now a fashion stylist, grew up in Imatra, a small town in Finland. Her husband Jon spent his childhood summers in Amagansett, N.Y., and Tiina and Jon decided to buy a mid-20th-century house there, surrounded largely by working farms. The house had in fact been modeled on a potato barn, but it was in a huge state of neglect. With the help of some architects, the couple mapped out a house that looks as though two original barns and a more contemporary one have been connected by steel and glass walkways. The contemporary barn, a sleek white structure with a zinc roof and a poured concrete floor, is the heart of the house: kitchen, dining and main living areas all in one great room.

The house, Tiina says, is “full of Finland.” The couple travel there twice a year, and every room contains the spoils of their shopping sprees. No detail was left to chance: “I like when you can still see the person’s hand in things,” she says. “Anything that is made by hand will age better than something that has been manufactured. It’s the same for fashion.”





Source : T Magazine

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Charming Norway

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This charming home belongs to the interior blogger Connie Johansen of Consept Constanse from Norway. You can notice a strong personal touch and some DIY decoration, especially in the bedroom, with a mix of feminine and romantic style, but also some industrial and trendy details.










Source : Klikk via 79 Ideas

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Baroque in Paris

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Welcome in the remarkable world of Lee Radziwill, Jackie Kennedy’s sister, and her apartment in Paris, which she designed herself. Ideally situated, the balcony looks out onto the Avenue Montaigne in Paris. A symphony of light, white and deep pink of falling rose petals, rose silk… in a baroque spirit.







Source : T Magazine via Dust Jacket

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