British eclecticism

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At home, London fashion creator Bea Deza seeks to create the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. Freedom and eclecticism are the keywords for this pronounced decoration style. Guitars and keyboards are combined with vintage pieces. One of the highlights of the house is its beautiful black fireplace and the vintage sofas.













Source : ELLE ES

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Colourful playground

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Sofia moved here five years ago, with her husband and four children in this creative home in Katrineholm, Sweden. She runs the blog and web store Mokkasin and uses her home’s basement for shop’s inventory and sometimes photo studio. The house was first not so pretty, and everything had to be changed or renovated to become the colourful and joyful playground you see.



















Source : Lovely Life

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Blooklyn artist

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The artist Anthony Goicolea renovated this town house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The multilevel house has a basement studio; an open kitchen and sitting room; a mezzanine living room and office; and two bedrooms above that. Levels of windows and a glass partition between the mezzanine and kitchen flood the place with light. The furnishings include thrift-shop pieces, like the 16-year-old sofa in the mezzanine living area, next to a Restoration Hardware armchair. On the mezanine, the sliding door of the guest bathroom doubles as a blackboard.









Source : The New York Times

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Scandinavian white

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This lovely 67 sqm apartment is situated in Johanneberg, in the south of Göteborg, Sweden. Very bright, this home is characterized by the Scandinavian style with soft touches of colours that pop against all the white. The wall between the kitchen and the living room was taken down to create a big open space.



















Source : Stadshem

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Arty vintage

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Today’s tour is the Brisbane home of artists Adam Lester and Caro Toledo. The family have been renting the place for just over two years, but have definitely put their creative stamp on it. Adam and Caro’s eclectic collection of artwork, furnishings and trinkets fill the space. The large ground level ‘basement’ under the house serves as Adam’s art studio.














Source : The Design Files

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Happy New Year ! May the coming year be full of magic !

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Source : Weekday Carnival

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Little butterflies

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Today we will be traveling to Linnestaden, Sweden in this bright apartment of 87 sqm. The pastel colours, and the mix of white, yellow and green almond make this home very bright and cosy. Originality and joyfulness is brought by all the details : colourfull butterflies on the living room lamp, a kitchen illuminated with five bulbs in different heights…

















Source : Alvhem

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