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Rock and roll

Posted on nov 23, 2012 | 0 comments

Model Patric Öhlund, 30 years old, lives in Stockholm in this tasteful decorated apartment since January 2012. Light, fashion and art books, frameworks, and skulls characterize this rock’n'roll apartment. The next step ? Patric wants to replace all light switches and plugs with black porcelain, oh yeah !













Source : Lovely Life

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Pastel Colours

Posted on nov 21, 2012 | 0 comments

This 1650 house is situated in the historic Marais neighborhood in Paris, and belongs to fashion designer Vanessa Bruno. She has mixed vintage and modern furniture design, with a touch of bohemian style. Her multicultural roots (Danish and French) reflects in the mixed Scandinavian/French decoration style. Almond green, lilac, pink… The colours are soft and delicate, bright and nude, feminine and pastel, and a real harmony emanates from this home.






Source : Interiormagasinet via Design Attractor

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Feminine Canadian Loft

Posted on nov 19, 2012 | 0 comments

This glamorous loft in Gastown, the oldest neighbourhood of Vancouver, belongs to fashion blogger and stylist Katharine Horsman. In a video interview for House and Home, she explains that she used all natural tones: « The colours and the feeling of my home is based on my love of the beach and sea. There is elements of the sand and ocean ». In this mostly-white loft, transparency is all around with cristals and transparent plastic and glass (side tables, chairs, sliding glass doors). But Katharine also used some turquoise and fun elements that pop against all the white, like this ‘stairway to heaven’ neon light over the bed or the turquoise glass doors. The gorgeous wooden table in the dining area ? She designed it with a friend who made it for her.

But finally, what she emphasizes the most in her home is the cosiness. « I feel in my own private library » she says when she talks about her bookcases. With the fireplace and the view of the sea, she created a real « cosy space with a beachy, vacation-home vibe ».






Source : Pinecone Camp shot for House and Home

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Roof-top flat in Paris

Posted on nov 16, 2012 | 0 comments

This is the home of Isabelle, Matthieu, and their 4-year-old son Arsène. Isabelle and Matthieu, both architects, transformed the top floor of a Parisian building into a small cosy house. In an interview to MILK Magazine, Isabelle says: « Every two weeks, I change something in the apartment. We have an area of ​​70 square meters, it is small, but we are expanding progressively, when neighboring rooms are for sale ».  White walls are rare in this apartment, where gray or stone colours are prefered. They mainly used dark collors, as Isabelle explains her conception of cozy: « Contrary to popular belief, dark colors are very warm. I prefer to enhance a little space by dark tones ».  Lots of things in the apartment are made-to-measure: the door, the shelves in the kitchen, the fireplace, the stairs, the wooden hut in the bedroom…are all drawn by Isabelle and Matthew.








Source : Milk Magazine via Sfgirlbybay

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Modernity with freedom of movement

Posted on nov 15, 2012 | 0 comments

First they wanted a Canadian home into the wild. Second, a home that provides well-being for their children, combined with a « not minimalist » modernity. A real challenge for the designers of Studio René Desjardins who had to listen to customer desires but also to shake their bearings. To the question of well-being, the designers created a space that provides freedom of movement for the children: big volumes that offer playing areas and fluidity from a room to another. Moreover, everything was made to facilitate the contact with nature and to let the landscape penetrate into the home.












Source : Freshome

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