Roof-top flat in Paris


This is the home of Isabelle, Matthieu, and their 4-year-old son Arsène. Isabelle and Matthieu, both architects, transformed the top floor of a Parisian building into a small cosy house. In an interview to MILK Magazine, Isabelle says: « Every two weeks, I change something in the apartment. We have an area of ​​70 square meters, it is small, but we are expanding progressively, when neighboring rooms are for sale ».  White walls are rare in this apartment, where gray or stone colours are prefered. They mainly used dark collors, as Isabelle explains her conception of cozy: « Contrary to popular belief, dark colors are very warm. I prefer to enhance a little space by dark tones ».  Lots of things in the apartment are made-to-measure: the door, the shelves in the kitchen, the fireplace, the stairs, the wooden hut in the bedroom…are all drawn by Isabelle and Matthew.








Source : Milk Magazine via Sfgirlbybay

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